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Park Policies


Accommodation arrival at 2pm and departure at 10am. Tent site arrival at 1pm and departure at 11am. Overstaying may result in an extra night’s charge. There are no refunds for early departures.


A fee of $10 will be deducted from all deposits should you cancel your booking for any reason. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE if cancelled within 30 days of the booking date. No Refund on paid days not used.


All people on site must be registered and accounted for on the booking form. Complying with our health and safety standards means no sub-letting.


All caravans on power must have a current electrical warrant of fitness. No warrant, no power.


All vehicles with a motor, including boats, jetskis, motorbikes and scooters need to be parked in the designated areas. One passenger vehicle per site can be parked on that site.


No domestic animals at the camp over the peak months from 15 December  until after Waitangi weekend. Pets are welcome the rest of the year so long as they are leashed, you clean up after them and they are not a disturbance to other guests. No animals in the kitchen or in/around buildings including accommodation.


Kaiteriteri has a complete fire ban over summer including fireworks, flares, charcoal BBQs and the like. Gas BBQs are allowed on site.


Bethany Park is a family campground. Holidaying here includes consideration for your neighbours. If you are inconsiderate or disruptive you may be evicted from the campground. Under these circumstances there will be no refund.


Parents will be held responsible for the actions of all children included in their booking and are expected to keep them supervised at all times.

18 – 25 YR OLDS

ID is required at check-in. $150 cash bond is required at check-in if you are not staying with a family group. The bond will be forfeited if the camp rules are broken.


Bethany Park is focussed on providing an environment that is family friendly. As such we ask that if you have alcohol you keep it to the confines of your camp site. Alcoholic beverages must not be consumed while moving around the camp, in or around camp buildings or to be stored in camp fridges. Drunken or unruly behaviour will result in your eviction from the camp with no refund. No underage drinking allowed.

Health & Safety

Campers must observe all signage and report all hazards to staff. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all campers and guests and to meet our obligations in terms of the Health and Safety Act 1992, its amendments and all statutory regulations.


Coming to Bethany Park is like coming into a home, there has to be a few simple rules in place to maintain the family friendly environment. As our guests you are responsible for your behaviour and that of your visitors. As your host, Bethany Park reserves the right to cancel bookings at its discretion and to refuse future bookings.

88 Martin Farm Rd,

T: +64 3 527 8014
E: [email protected]
F: +64 3 527 8280

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